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What is Coco•Mix?

Biobizz Coco•Mix is probably the best coco coir, 100% organic product on the market. Coco•Mix contains Coco coir, a waste product of the coconut industry, has proven to be an ideal medium in which to grow plants. To allow coco fibre to become useable, the organic matter must first decompose over a period of time so that the strong fibres are softened. The material is then washed and shredded to become the familiar substrate we all know.
Coconut fibre contains plenty of air and little water; the pH may decrease to 5 or 6
The Coco•Mix of Biobizz has been washed with clear water after the coconut fibres have been broken up in a natural way. 


How to use Coco·Mix™

Coco·Mix can be used in all hydroponic crops to replace rock wool.

Growing in pots on a coco-based substrate is a popular cultivation method. Growers who wish to become more organic can use Coco·Mix™ in combination with their usual A+B range. Want to use Coco·Mix™ in combination with the Biobizz® products? We advise to combine Coco·Mix™ with Root·Juice™, Bio•Bloom™, Top•Max™ and Bio•Heaven™. When using these products the quality of the plant will be improved, which will result in a higher yield.

Coco•Mix™ has a very low EC value. What advantage does that mean?

Coco•Mix™ has an EC value of 0.3. This means that Coco•Mix™ is ideal for the breeder who wants to handle a low basis and who adds food by himself. Therefore the growth and flowering of the plant can completely be controlled, as long as the correct food elements are used.