When you can test something easily and accurately, you can manage it.  Specifically, you can get the most from water-based plant growing systems.

PH meters and pH controllers and nutrient meters and controllers, measure parameters such as pH, conductivity, and temperature.  They’re used worldwide in applications from home-based hydroponics through to the most demanding of commercial food-growing environments.

We’re a young company, so we’re innovators by nature.  Crucially, we’re people focussed.  So our products are people-friendly.  We place great emphasis on simple design, straight forward functionality.  We’re sticklers for accuracy, reliability, ease of use.  We use the toughest materials and advanced, robust technologies.  

Important too, it’s not just about products.  Open information-sharing advice, reliable service, individual responsiveness – these matter a great deal.  They’re a big part of the unique Bluelab promise.