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Advanced Nutrients - jungle Juice - Grow (Two-part) - NPK Technology Hydroponics

Advanced Nutrients - jungle Juice - Grow (Two-part)

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Introducing the NEW Jungle Juice Grow Two-part base nutrient! It helps to maximize your plant's grow phase and see bigger and better yields in your bloom cycle.

Your crops will see stronger stalks and thicker branches that will help set up your plants for the flowering stage so they can support your yield. Jungle Juice Grow two-part formula does this because it is specifically designed to deliver your crops with the correct ratios of macro, secondary and micro-nutrients they require during the time of their greatest growth potential.

Jungle Juice Grow two-part has been specifically designed for use with all hydroponic, sphagnum and soil growing media. It has also been designed to be used with all hydroponic and liquid feeding growing systems such as aeroponic, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT and flood and drain.

Directions of use:

Use Jungle Juice Grow two-part throughout the grow stage. Use 4ml per litre of part A and part B.