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Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect Connoisseur - NPK Technology Hydroponics

Advanced Nutrients - pH Perfect Connoisseur

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We all want our plants to get into peak bloom phase faster and to yield a bigger harvest. Now, a team of one dozen plant PhDs and their research assistants believe they have found the answer...PH Perfect Connoisseur. Instead of using low-quality, questionable ingredients the team at Advanced Nutrients invested heavily in putting to use only the most potent, most eff ective, most proven ingredients possible (ingredients no other company uses because of the high cost to both source and manufacture these ingredients into bloom fertilizers!) What’s more, Advanced Nutrients has also invested heavily into chelating a high percentage of the macro-nutrients used in pH Perfect Connoisseur to get your plants to bloom faster and keep them in that bloom phase longer!

Used during the:

The entire Bloom phase