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Cocogreen - Coco Bale - NPK Technology Hydroponics

Cocogreen - Coco Bale

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Cocogreen has been the worlds number one coir product to professional growers for many years but is only just available in bales for use in the domestic market. 

Do not mistake this for a cheap unbranded coir product. It is the best of the best!

 Why try Cocogreen?

Cocogreen are at the forefront of innovation in the development and manufacture of coir (coco peat) products and are the World Leading  Supplier of Coco Peat to professional horticultural growers around the globe. Cocogreen is widely used by professional hydroponic growers of tomato, strawberry, cucumbers, Orchids and many other edible and flower producing crops
  Cocogreen is unique as a manufacturer and supplier of coco coir Grow Bags as it owns and operates its own plantations in Sri Lanka and takes care of every process from growing the coconuts to sterilizing, buffering and packaging their own product. All of this means the quality of the final product is absolutely second to none.
Already trusted by the biggest commercial growers in over 26 countries Cocogreen is fast becoming a recognised brand of quality, and value within the domestic hydroponics market so you can buy in confidence, knowing that this is the best quality product available on the market.

Production process:

The coconut husks are bought (or harvested at our coconut plantation) and immediately washed using fresh water sources in large walled tanks; this removes a portion of sodium chloride (to EC 1.0) and also loosens the husks for later processes to separate the raw materials coir fibres and coco peat (coir pith).  The husks are collected and transported to our in-house coir mills to be decorticated to remove the coir fibres, which leaves the bi-product coco peat (coir pith). The coco peat is transported to our large storage bunkers immediately and stored for at least four months; where the ageing process occurs to stabilise the raw materials.

Once ageing is completed we sieve the coco peat to remove the last remaining fibres we also extract very fine dusts which offer no advantages to the growing medium using our patented extraction techniques (this allows us to remove more fine dusts than any other manufacturer or supplier).  At this stage further washing takes place, as well as buffering to remove more of the unwanted chemical properties.  The coco peat is then dried on walled concrete drying floors.
Before and after sieving , we subject the coco peat to further chemical treatment, washed using fresh water in our washing facilities. Elements which are freely soluble in water, such as potassium, sodium and chloride, are removed. The salt content is reduced to an EC < 0.5 mS/cm, where it is blended with other coir materials and bagged into the finished product.

In addition to washing, we also buffer the coco peat. During this process, calcium nitrate (YARA branded only) is introduced to remove monovalent positive ions such as potassium  from the coconut complex. By buffering, we remove not only elements which are soluble in water (as in the washing processes), but also elements which are bound to the coconut complex through a cation exchange. All buffering is completed at one of our buffering sites in Sri Lanka and verified independently by leading laboratories.

The finished product:

 Cocogreen professional grade coco is an unbeatable quality buffered substrate designed for domestic use both in Greenhouses and Growrooms
Inside the bag is cocogreen's highest quality coir product produced at their own plantations in Sri Lanka using exactly the same materials that are supplied worldwide to the biggest  hydroponic growers of salad, soft fruit and ornamental crops

Key properties:

  • Rigorous Production process ensures the highest consistent chemical properties available in a Compact Bale
  • Optimum physical properties for plant growth removing 98% of harmful fine dust particles smaller than 1mm in size, again unique for a product of this kind
  • EC 85%
  • Dry matter 15 - 20%
  • Perfect air to water ratio optimum for indoor and outdoor gardening

 In short - If you want results like the Pros, Cocogreen Professional Grade Coco is the growing medium you have been waiting for.