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At NPK University we believe everyone has the right to information and a chance to educate themselves without the worry of being ‘pitched’ on products. We believe that education is the key to growers making informed decisions and feeling confident about what they are buying and how to use it. We do this at NPK University by bringing together decades of experience, a scientific approach to growing and an unmatched passion for hydroponics.



 Want to be an NPK student?


The seminars are delivered from 18.00 onwards, Monday to Friday. The date and time is decided by you.


The price of each seminar, as shown in the booklet is a set price. If you wish to attend by yourself for a 1-to-1 you will pay the full price, if you wish to bring up to 5 other friends, the cost is spread between the six people for a more cost-effective option.


Food and drink is provided throughout the seminar and the store is shut to prevent interruptions.



 You will be provided with pens and pads to take notes, plus a booklet summarising everything we cover in the seminar.


If there are any subjects or areas that aren’t covered in the seminars, feel free to contact us for a personalised seminar subject, we can accommodate all abilities from beginners to advanced cultivators on any subject in hydroponics and indoor cultivation.


Thank you for being part of the NPK family and we hope to see you at one of our seminars very soon.


The NPK Team


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