NPK University - Course - Nutrient Management Part 1


 Nutrient management part I


The Seminar lasts up to 90 minutes and covers comprehensively a range of nutrients and additives used for growing plants. The team discusses the use of single part, two part, three part and four part nutrients, plus the benefits and disadvantages of each. Sugar boosters, PK additives, Silica, Root simulators, flavour enhancers and novel products will be discussed in detail; How to use them, at which concentration, when to add them, how to add them properly to achieve maximum utility (Silica) and which nutrients suit your individual circumstances.


Refreshments are included


This seminar is of value to every cultivator of all knowledge levels and experience. We still see ‘experienced’ growers not using nutrients correctly and achieving sub-optimal results.


The cost of this seminar is £150, £10 cheaper than a 5 Litre Canna Boost… Bigger and tastier yields await!


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