NPK University - Course - Environmental Control and Ventilation

Environment control and ventilation


This seminar lasts up to two hours and covers all aspects of environment and ventilation. The subjects cover temperature and methods of controlling high/low temperature, humidity and how to increase or decrease depending on stage of growth, air movement, extraction and intake, CO2 supplementation and air filtration. The importance of your environment cannot be understated, with this seminar you’ll have all of the knowledge to deal with any problems that can arise but it will also allow you to strive for the ‘perfect’ environment which will give improved taste, aroma and yield.


Refreshments are included


This seminar is essential to all cultivators that wish to improve and get better results. Beginners to advanced growers will benefit from the knowledge of the NPK team when it comes to environment and we guarantee we’ll teach you something you don’t currently implement in your grow room, to improve quality and yield.


The cost of this seminar is £240, environmental control is the key to success in the grow room and with our help we can guarantee better yields, improved flavour and less problems… Environment is everything.


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