NPK University - Course - Horticultural Lighting


Horticultural lighting


This seminar lasts up to two hours and covers all aspects of lighting for the beginner, intermediate and advanced growers. We cover the basics such as the correct methods of hanging, igniting and positioning the lights. The seminar then progresses to the difference between magnetic ballasts, digital ballasts, LED’s, and which option is the best for you specifically. Lastly we talk about reflectivity of surfaces, the options of lighting with 250w, 400w, 600w and 1000w bulbs plus a brief chat about PPF (Photosynthetic photon flux), PPFD (Photosynthetic photon flux density), DLI (Daily light Integral) and the importance of having a basic understanding of these three aspects of lighting.



 Not only do we talk about lighting, but we’ll show you first hand the difference in quality between magnetic, digital and LED grow lights with state of the art Par meters to show spectrum and intensity alongside multi-meters for the wattage and voltage of different lights.


Refreshments are included


This seminar is suited to the cultivators that are having good results, their nutrient regime is working well and they wish to take their growing experience to the next level. The seminar is in-depth and we can confidently say by following our tuition, you will see an increase in yield and quality. It’s not as simple as hanging a light shade and plugging in your ballast as you’ll see in this comprehensive lecture.


The cost of this seminar is £240 and well worth it for the increase in quality and yield… Knowledge is power!


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