NPK University - Course - Systems and Set-ups


Systems and set-ups


This seminar is cultivator dependant; you’ll choose beforehand which system interests you or tell us which system you already have. The NPK team will then take you through setting up the system, how to run it for maximum efficiency and the best products to use to keep the system clean and productive. Expect this seminar to run up to 2 hours.


Systems include

Nutrient film technique

DIY Hydroponic systems

Deep water culture

Flood and drain (Ebb and flow)

Drip fed systems

Hybrid systems

Wick systems


Refreshments are included


This practical seminar is suitable for everyone that wants to know more about hydroponic systems, how to use them for maximum efficiency and those cultivators that want to make the move from hand watering into a more advanced feeding system.


The cost of this seminar is £350, the most expensive seminar that we offer due to the set-up time and dismantling time before and after the seminar, plus the 2 hours that the NPK team spends with you during the seminar and the continued support after if you choose to buy a system after the seminar. An absolute must for those that are on the fence over a new system or those that aren’t achieving the best results from the system that they currently have… Don’t be fooled and think a system will do all the work, apply a hand feeder’s mentality to a system and watch your garden grow!


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