NPK University - Course - Watering Techniques and Nutrient Management Part 2


Watering techniques and nutrient management part II


The second part to nutrient management, this seminar (up to 2 hours) focuses on watering techniques and how to spot deficiencies and over-fertilisation. We go in-depth on electrical conductivity, the correct concentration of fertiliser at different stages of growth, the correct pH during growth and bloom and how to correct the problem of deficiencies, over-fertilisation and spotting the warning signs at an early stage. Lastly we talk about watering techniques such as top-feeding, bottom-feeding, flood and drain, deep water culture (DWC) and Nutrient film technique (NFT).


Refreshments are included


This seminar is of use to the majority of cultivators. The most common problem seen in indoor growing is the yellowing of leaves, this is a result of over watering and essentially starving the plant roots of oxygen. The seminar will teach you about plant centred feeding, proper watering techniques and how to achieve the best results possible from giving the plant what it wants, when it wants it and how it wants it.


The cost of this seminar is £160, an absolute must for those that are thinking about taking their growing to the next level, investing in a new system and/or better knowledge of watering techniques for improved growth and yield… Overwatering leads to yellowing, yellowing leads to dead plants!


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