Acoustic Ducting 10M


4"/100mm 5 meter 4"/100mm 10 meter 5"/125mm 5 meter 5"/125mm 10 meter 6"/150mm 5 meter 6"/150mm10 meter 8"/200mm 5 meter 8"/200mm 10 meter 10"/250mm 5 meter 10"/250mm 10 meter 12"/315mm 5 meter 12"/315mm 10 meter

Product Description

Noise reducing waterproof and air-tight material.  This high quality flexible acoustic ducting gives the grower more noise reduction. Because it is insulated it also reduces heat. fits all makes of fans and filters. 5 and 10-meter lengths. NPK Top Tip: Remember to attach the inside aluminium ducting to the fan before pulling the outside aluminium over and attaching with tape.Sizes:4"/100mm5"/125mm6"/150mm8"/200mm10"/250mm12"/315mm


Acoustic Ducting 10M - NPK Technology Hydroponics
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