AlorAir Ozone GD7

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AlorAir Ozone GD7 is a powerful ozone generator which is light and portable with an easy carrying handle. 

It can produce 7g/hr (7000mg/hr) of ozone which can remove odours as well as kill bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungus. Please call AlorAir Solutions UK Ltd to find out more details regarding usage. 

The Alorair GD7 has a Generate and Destruct cycle. The GD7 is programmable and will generate Ozone to suit the application required and the size of the room. Once the program is selected the operator presses start. The start is delayed allowing safe evacuation of the room for the operator. After the Ozone treatment cycle is completed there is a short dwell and then the GD7 will move onto the destruction cycle. This process helps to reduce the ozone concentration in the room faster than just allowing the Ozone to breakdown naturally.