Atami ATA PK 13-14

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ATA PK13-14 is a plant supplement that is added to the nutrient water during the flowering period of the plant besides the basic nutrients. The ingredients, phosphorus and potassium, are of great importance, since the plant has an extra need for these primary nutrients during the flowering phase.

Phosphorus is particularly important during the flowering phase for the storage and transport of energy in the form of ATP (adenosinetriphostate) within the plant. The energy of the sunlight that is collected during photosynthesis is distributed throughout the entire plant by means of these ATP molecules, so all processes that take place.

Potassium is involved in all kinds of processes for the formation of flowers and fruits. For example, no sugar can be transported without sufficient potassium and the enzyme that produces starch is also inactive. Both are important for the formation of tasty fruit.

Suitable for different kinds of vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, chili peppers, blueberries .It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g., Begonia, Summer Lilac)

• Golden ratio of phosphorous and potassium
• Voluminous and compact flowering and fruits
• Stimulates fructification