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A (young) plant requires specific nutrients to develop itself to a strong and healthy plant. B’Cuzz Coco A&B forms the base for fine growing results on Cocos Substrate. 

It is a universal mineral nutrition providing a stable and biological balance of the substrate. The Coco A&B nutrient solution contains all the necessary nutrients for the whole growth cycle. The nutrient solution is suitable for both inside as well as outside cultivation of plants. 

Because certain nutrients in the solution chemically react with each other in high concentrations, the nutrition comes in an A and a B bottle. 
Cocos Substrate is naturally rich in Potassium. Potassium is slowly released from the coco peat over time. However coco peat is naturally very poor in Calcium. Therefore it is important that the nutrition contains enough Calcium. Coco A has a Calcium content of 4% W/W rounded up,  this is more than enough Calcium for our high quality Coco based substrates. Coco B mainly contains the phosphorous and the necessary micro-nutrients.  

This universal nutrient is suitable for many crops like different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs like tomatoes, sage and basil. It can also be used for indoor and potted plants (e.g., Alocasia, Lavender). Experienced growers can measure the required dosage per plant, based on the NPK-values.

• Usable throughout the growth cycle
• Concentrated
• Can vary ratio of A & B nutrients