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Atami coco substrate - NPK Technology Hydroponics

Atami coco substrate

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ATAMI COCO Substrate

A light and airy mix, B'Cuzz Coco offers an open structure that promotes rapid root development. A high quality coco substrate that is washed and steamed to ensure that it is free from salt and pathogens. B'Cuzz Coco is unique in that it contains a light fertiliser for accelerated growth in the first week and is also buffered to allow the grower optimum control over PH. Suitable for seeds and cuttings.

The Benefits of Atami

Compatability - There is an Atami substrate for each Atami nutrient programme, offering growers the simplicity of a complete nutrient/substrate package.

Quality - RHP certification across the entire range. The Dutch horticultural quality mark is a guarantee that Atami substrates contain high quality ingredients and carry minimal risk of pests and disease.