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Rootbastic is the ultimate enhancer for your roots with a unique combination of High NPK Bio stimulants and Bio Minerals.

These are the facts:

The Price of Rootbastic seems very high, but Rootbastic is highly concentrated and you need only 0,1 – 0.3 ml per 1 liter water (0.3-1 ml per 1 US Gallon). 

With a 250 ml bottle by using a low dosage of 0.3 ml per gallon create over 833 gallon rich treatment solution! You have a 10¢ per gallon solution.
Save 43% and 28% by using a lower dosage and get better results than other root products.
When you use Rootbastic instead of other products you do not only get at least 3 times a treatment solution out of it but also you will save 42% a gallon in comparison with other products.
NPK value
4-14-4 W/W
5-18-5 W/V
- Rootbastic is high concentrated. (0.1-0.3 ml : 1L).

- Will create explosive root production.

- Increases resistance to root disease and prevent environmental stress of the plant during the growing and flowering stage.

- Suitable for all sort of substrates and could be used in water-, soil and coco applications.

- Ideal for after planting stem cutting when the first roots are visible.

- Easy to apply and does not clog your system.

- You can make up to 5000 liter solution with just 500ml Rootbastic.

- Can be used in conjunction with all other basic nutrients.

- Highly effective the first 3 weeks when root formation is strong desired!

How to use!

Is a SUPER CONCENTRATED root stimulator with a combination of high NPK Bio stimulants and Bio minerals which creates EXPLOSIVE ROOT PRODUCTION.

Please note that this product WILL INCREASE THE PPM (parts per million) of YOUR NUTRIENT SOLUTION.

Start using Rootbastic WHEN THE ROOTS are approximately 2 inch long. This will occur during the FIRST WEEKS OF THE ROOTING STAGE when you have done your cuttings. After this, you can still add Rootbastic during the first three weeks of plant growth. 

Keep your base nutrients low as in the rooting stage adding rootbastic will primarily stimulate your root production. 

Begin with the minimum Rootbastic dosage and gradually increase to maximum strength.

ADD 0.3 ML TO 1 ML OF ROOTBASTIC PER 1 US GALLON of water (0.1 – 0.3 ml per 1,000 ml) in your reservoir.

Rootbastic can be used in ALL GROWING MEDIA and in combination with ALL FEEDING METHODS.