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Bloom - Groigen


  • Promotes branch and leaf development through natural plant extracts
  • Use as a foliar application during the clone/grow stages
  • Promotes lush, green and healthy plants that will fill your growing space faster
  • Gives plants the ability to photosynthesize more as the leaf size will increase
  • Great for clones as a supplemental feed
  • Use anytime you have issues with nutrient absorption in the root system
  • In the ‘bloom Advanced Floriculture’ system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product
  • Can be used in any growing method, growing medium, indoors and outdoors – simply consult the relevant feed schedule for application rates to suit your system (or develop your own method)



Various natural plant extracts, natural minerals, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids.



Recirculating                       20mls per litre

Soil                             20mls per litre

Run to waste                        20ml per litre

Organic 20ml per litre



Recirculating:           300ml = 15L             1L = 50L        2.5L = 125L

Soil:                            300ml = 15L             1L = 50L        2.5L = 125L

Run to waste:           300ml = 15L             1L = 50L        2.5L = 125L

Organic                      300ml = 15L             1L = 50L        2.5L = 125L