Blumat Digital Soil sensor

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The Blumat Digital is an accurate soil sensor, providing valuable information to help you dial in your watering practices.

Perfect Control Over Watering

It is not always easy to estimate the moisture content of large pots simply by looking at the soil or sticking your finger in. This Blumat Digital sensor takes the guesswork out of watering and setting up irrigation systems. You'll know if your plants need water and how much to water them. Once you start using the Blumat Digital, you'll wonder how you got without it.

  • Accurately dial in your irrigation system or hand watering regime.
  • Using tensiometer technology, this dramatically out-performs cheap moisture meters.
  • Stop guessing if plants need water, and consistently deliver the perfect amount!
  • Never have an under or over-watered plant again.

Keeping your soil at the ideal moisture level provides the plants with a constant supply of water and keeps soil microorganisms functioning to the best of their ability. Allowing potting soil to go from wet to dry interrupts the water supply to the plant, causing stress and can reduce growth. Dry soil will also cause soil microbes to go dormant, which is particularly damaging to organic gardening where we rely on soil microbes to cycle nutrients by breaking down organic matter to provide nutrition to the plant.

Keeping the soil in the optimum moisture range provides rapid growth, healthy soil and therefore healthy plants!

How to use Blumat Digital

  1. Soak the grey tube with ceramic cone in water for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Use water that has been boiled and left to cool to minimise the oxygen content.
  3. Fill the tube with water and attach to the digital display head.
  4. Press and hold the "On" button for several seconds until "000" or "---" is displayed.
  5. Insert the Blumat Digital into the soil and wait at least 45 minutes.
  6. Press the "On" button, digital reading will be displayed.

Note: for a more accurate reading, wait 12 hours after inserting into the soil.

For light-loving, fast-growing, fruits flowers and vegetables in organic living soil, the following readings are ideal:

  • 120-150 mbar for establishing young plants.
  • 100-120 mbar for early vegetative growth.
  • 80-100 mbar for late veg and flowering/fruiting.
  • 100-150 bar for late flowering/fruiting.

These numbers are a guide and can vary dependent on the plant species and environmental growing conditions.

(High value = Dry; Low value = Wet. A reading of 0 millibars is equivalent to fully saturated, achieved when the ceramic cone of the meter is in a cup of water. A reading of 750 millibars is equivalent to dry soil with little to no moisture content.)

It is important to avoid getting the Digital top part wet. If using outdoors, or in hand watering situations where the Blumat Digital may get watered over, use with the Blumat Digital Protection Cap.