Blumat Drip 10-25L Pot Kit

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These handy kit packs contain the Blumat parts you need to for automated watering of individual pots. Ideal for small or large gardens, simply buy the amount of kit packs you need for your garden or grow room.

At the heart of these Drip Kits are the Tropf-Blumat sensors, these constantly monitor and replenish the moisture in your soil as and when the plants need it. Blumat sensors do this automatically, maintaining a tight moisture range without allowing a wet-dry cycle, this is hugely beneficial not only to health of your plants, but also to the microbial life in the soil. 

To create an even distribution of water over the soil surface, these kits use the Blumat Distribution Drippers. Set up in a ring around the base of the plant, these drippers extend the watering capacity of Tropf-Blumat sensors on their own, making an even more cost-effective way to use Blumat for your irrigation.  

Blumat Drip Kits are perfect for organic growers using living soil.

Compare Blumat Drip Kits

  10-25L Pot 30-70L Pot 245L Bed
Tropf Blumat 130mm 1 1 2
Tropf Blumat 230mm - 1 1
Inline Distribution Dripper 2 3 6
End Distribution Dripper 1 1 3
Dripper Support Stake 3 4 9
Drip Tube 3mm 0.4m 0.8m 1.2m