Blumat Pressure Vessels

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Pressure Vessels are used with pump systems to provide a constant pressure. They allow time for the pump to switch off while still maintaining the desired pressure in the irrigation lines.

How it Works

Pressure Vessels have an internal bladder. This is filled with air to the desired pressure using a standard bicycle pump (with pressure gauge). This bladder then exerts pressure, so as the unit is filled with water from the pump, the pressure of the bladder forces the water out at a steady rate. They are used in many applications, and also referred to as ‘Expansion Tanks’.   

We use these pressure vessels to give the Blumat Shurflo pump some downtime, these type of diaphragm pumps are not designed to run continuously or switch on and off rapidly.  

How to Use

  1. Use in-line after the pump.
  2. Use with the correct threaded t-piece
  3. Use a pressure reducer after the pressure vessel to ensure the system is maintained at the correct pressure.
  4. The pump will fill the vessel with water and become pressurised.