Blumat Pump Systems

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Designed for use with Blumat and Blusoak irrigation systems, these pump kits enable you to supply water to the Tropf Blumat sensors without having to rely on a gravity driven header tank.

How it Works

Utilising the market leading Shuflo diaphragm pumps, this pump kit enables you to supply water at constant pressure to your Tropf Blumat Sensors. Combining an inline pump with a pressure vessel, this complete kit provides everything you need to drive your Blumat system at optimal pressure regardless of the garden location.  

Essential if you are using Blusoak Drip Tape, this requires constant low pressure at all times that the pump systems delivers.  

This pump kit is also ideal if you cannot raise up a header tank for your Tropf Blumat Drip System.

How to Use

Simply follow the assembly instructions provided with the kit. All you need to do is wrap the threaded joints in ptfe tape (supplied with the kit), and screw the components together. 

Position the pump kit above the reservoir, the pump is self-priming and will pick up the water out the tank.

The Shuflo pump is 230v, requiring a standard UK plug and mains electric supply.