Blusoak Drip Tape 1m

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Blusoak Drip Tape is used on the surface of the soil to provide effective irrigation with an even distribution. Blusoak Drip Tape is a cost-effective component to extend the watering ability and distribution of each Tropf Blumat sensor.

Combining Tropf Blumat sensors with Blusoak Drip tape results in healthier, faster-growing plants while providing unparalleled water use efficiency, delivering water only when the plant requires it.

Blusoak saves time, water, and labour while increasing yields and plant health.

The Blusoak can irrigate all different types of crops with different types of water demands.  

Blusoak Drip Tape finds the perfect balance between high performance and low cost. 

Cut from a large roll, simply order how much you require in 1m increments and we will cut and supply in one length.