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Kit includes:

1m x 1m x 2m Budbox Pro ( White Lined)

x1 600w Hortiking Pro Digital Light Kit

x1 6" Can-Fan Kit ( 6" Can-Fan RVK, 6" Can-lite Filter, 10m Ducting, x3 Jubilee clips)

x1 Single Plug&Grow Timer

x3 Sets of Light Hangers

x4 10L Plastic Pots and Saucers

x1 50L Bag of Biobizz Light Mix

x1 Biobizz Nutrient Range for 1 Complete Cycle

Includes: 250ml Root-Juice, 1L Bio Grow, 2L Bio Bloom,1250ml Bio-Heaven, 500ml Fish-mix, 1L Top-max, 1250ml Acti-Vera, 1L Alg-A-Mic

***Kits will also come with a free with 10g Ecothrive Biosys, Charts, Measuring Syringes, gloves and more .....