Can Filter Original Series


100mm Can Carbon Filter 4" 100m3/h Plastic 125mm Can Carbon Filter 5" 156m3/h Plastic 150mm Can Carbon Filter 6" 700m3/h 150mm Can Carbon Filter Small 350m3/h Long 150ml Carbon Filter Can 366BFT 700m3 150 flange 200MM Can Carbon Filter 8" 700m3/h 250MM Can Carbon Filter 10" 1000m3/h Small 315ml Can Carbon Filter 1000m3/h 315mm Can Carbon Filter Low Power 1400m3/h 315MM Can Carbon Filter High Power 1750m3/h

Product Description

Can Filter Original Series:   The original carbon air filter! Can-Filters has been manufacturing carbon air filters for the last 15 years. With time comes experience and professionalism. This has enabled them to manufacture a high quality, no maintenance, carbon air filter with a tested and true 99.5% odor removing capability and a suggested life span of 12-18 months.Can-Filters use a custom specified virgin activated Coal based carbon, (CKV4) to ensure the longest possible life in most applications. Whether for commercial, industrial, or residential use you can be sure that the proper carbon type, carbon weight, and bed width has been chosen to give full odor removal.  


Can Filter Original Series - NPK Technology Hydroponics
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