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CANNA CalMag is a concentrated formulation for growers to use in a multiple of applications.

1) If you use RO water, you will want to use CANNA CalMag to buffer the water which will prevent pH swings and improve stability of the nutrient solution.

2) If you have pH problems or nutrient availability issues, you will often get a Calcium or Magnesium deficiencies. A quick fix it to supplement with extra Cal-Mag to address the deficiency.

3) When you add extra Phosphorous and Potassium (PK) in flower, the elements compete for space so Calcium and Magnesium can suffer as a result. It can sometimes be beneficial to supplement with Cal-Mag in times of high PK additive use.

4) Calcium and Magnesium can help the uptake of many other elements which can be beneficial as stressful times of growth for the plant. Be careful not to overdo it with Cal-Mag as these elements can also inhibit nutrient uptake.

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