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Advanced Nutrients - Carboload Liquid - NPK Technology Hydroponics

Advanced Nutrients - Carboload Liquid

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The first carbohydrate boosting formula developed specifically for plants. Just like humans, plants generate energy from carbohydrates in order to effectively use nutrients. The highintensity conditions of an indoor garden can be likened to a gymnasium.

If you want your plants to really put on “muscle mass” then you need to give them the five different carbohydrate forms that Carboload provides in order for them to reach peak performance. Use Carboload in hydroponics or soil throughout growth and bloom for stronger cell walls, more sites and heavier, sweeter harvests.

Available as liquid or powder. Overdrive is the key to a bulky, glistening harvest. When your plants are in peak flower production the last thing you want is for them to go downhill and stop packing on the pounds. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what nature intends to happen! But now you can use Overdrive to defy nature and turn your plants back into champion producers, even when they’re well into bloom cycle!

The name is no accident - your plants will literaturally go into overdrive! Field testing shows that Overdrive reinvigorates flowering and creates a renewed burst of oils, scents, terpenoids, size and other very desirable traits that will give you impressive harvests instead of disappointing ones.

Used during the:

Week 1 of Grow through till week 6 before flush