Control LED Dio-Tech 830w LED Satellite Unit

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Dio-Tech 830w Satellite LED 2.9 Micromoles

Our lighting solutions have been designed by growers, for growers. The result of years of dedicated research and development to optimise plant growth performance.

The Dio-Tech is powerful enough to not only replace but entirely outperform your existing HID lighting, with light recipes tailored to give your garden the ultimate spectrum at every stage in the plant’s growth cycle.

 has come together with one of the leading commercial manufacturers of LED lighting to produce a first-to-market, all-in-one adjustable spectrum LED.

The Dio-tech 830W LED combines top-end Osram Chips with a built-in dimmer. The Dio-Tech 830 starts up in F1 Mode (Flowering Spectrum) but has a broad spectrum allowing for excellent vegetative growth.