Iceline 25mm Irrigation Pipe

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25mm Iceline is a double-walled irrigation pipe that helps protect the temperature of your nutrient solution rising too high, as its widely know to do when using standard black irrigation piping.

Iceline is highly recommended for use in larger rooms that use long lengths of irrigation pipe, and/or high intensity lighting, as this can give an unwanted rise in the temperature of your nutrient solution, although smaller set ups will also see a benefit of using Iceline over standard piping.

When Iceline is used with your hydroponic system, it can give an average drop of around 3 degrees Celsius, but reductions of up to 8 degrees Celsius have also been recorded. This is especially pleasing to know if you’ve spent time cooling your nutrient solution using a chiller, only for it to be warmed up to above the required temperature while travelling through the piping.

But how does Iceline work? The outer white layer reflects the heat away for any liquid in the pipe, while the black inner protects the solution from harmful UV rays. Iceline is an ideal product to regulate the temperature of your nutrients, but also reduce the risk of Pythium and other root zone pathogens.

Key points of the Iceline double-walled irrigation pipe include:

Prevents nutrient solution temperatures rising too high
Can reduce the temperature by 3-8 degrees Celsius
Reduces the risk of Pythium and other root zone pathogens
Highly recommended for use in all hydroponic systems, no matter how big or small