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Crop Guard – Anarak SM

Product Description

Crop Guard Anarak SM is used as a foliar spray to effectively combat and get rid of certain causes of leaf spots. Anarak SM also helps plants to heal the damage caused to plant leaves by this kind of leaf spotting. Crop Guard Anarak SM is a natural product and will not damage, stall or suffocate your plants. Please give us a call for more information regarding this product and the types of plant problem that Crop Guard Anarak SM can help deal with.

  • Crop Guard Anarak SM rids your plant of the causes of leaf spotting
  • Helps your plant to heal the leaf spot damage.
  • Fast-acting and effective
  • Concentrated – use diluted as a foliar spray
  • Call us for more information about this product

How Crop Guard – Anarak SM Works:

Crop Guard Anarak SM is a concentrate of natural substances that combat and eradicates certain causes of leaf spotting. Crop Guard Anarak SM is “trans-laminar” which means it will travel throughout the leaf onto which it is sprayed but not the whole plant. This means that leaves do not need to be completely drenched for it to work. Crop Guard Anarak SM also actively helps to repair the damage to leaf blades and soothes the leaf as it is healed. Crop Guard Anarak SM is used diluted as a foliar spray making it great value-for-money. The causes of leaf-spotting can develop a resistance to this product so it should not be used as a preventative measure, only to eradicate the problem once it occurs. Please call our shop for advice regarding this product and the type of cause of leaf spotting that it can deal with.

Using Crop Guard – Anarak SM:

Crop Guard Anarak SM can be used on plants grown in any substrate and in any kind of grow-system. Anarak SM should not be used on seedlings or unrooted cuttings, only on established plants up to 2 weeks before harvest which is actually experiencing a leaf-spotting problem.

Always shake the bottle well before use. Add Crop Guard Anarak SM to water at a rate of 20ml/litre and mix well. Use a spray-gun to apply this product. Spray the plant from top to bottom ensuring that every leaf is treated on the top and the bottom, ensuring even coverage. Crop Guard Anarak Sm is “trans-laminar” which means it will travel throughout the whole of any leaf with which it is treated but will not spread throughout the whole plant. Repeat the treatment 3 days later and the third treatment one week later to ensure the problem is eradicated.

As with all foliar sprays, only spray your plants during low-light conditions, ideally when your grow-lamp has just gone out at the beginning of the dark period. This stops the problem of leaf-burn due to intense light hitting wet leaves. Always make sure that no spray comes into contact with your grow-lamp.


Crop Guard – Anarak SM - NPK Technology Hydroponics
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