Dutch Pro Nutrient Pro Bundle

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Hydro/Coco Grower Bundle content:
1 x Hydro/Coco Grow A&B - 5L
1 x Hydro/Coco Bloom A&B - 5L

1 x Take Root - 5L
1 x Multi Total - 1L
1 x Explode - 1L
1 x Leaf Green - 5L

Hydro/Coco Grow
Hydro/Coco Grow A&B is a precisely mixed 2 part system that stimulates maximum growth and prepares your plants to reach their maximum yield.

Hydro/Coco Bloom
Hydro/Coco Bloom A&B is a perfectly mixed 2 part system that stimulates maximum blooms and prepares your plants to reach their maximum yield.

Take Root
Take Root is a growth stimulant that will improve the root systems. This root stimulator specifically targets the roots to create strong and white root systems. Roots are vital to the development of the plant and the creation of energy.

Multi Total
Multi Total aid the key processes necessary for improving nutrient optimisation. The Humic and Fulvic acids as well as other key vitamins in the Multi Total improves nutrient transport and increases substrate fertility.

Explode is the flagship product of our nutrient line. This Bud Booster targets specific parts of the plant that enhances nutrient transport and increases sugar production during the bloom phase. This simple to use product contains multiple vitamins and macronutrients that will show you rather than tell you.

Leaf Green
Leaf Green gives plants a healthy and vital appearance. Leaf Green is recommended for plants that have difficulties during their initial development. Leaf Green contains several essential micronutrients that help plants during times of nutrient deficiency.