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EuroGear 600w ballast - NPK Technology Hydroponics

EuroGear 600w ballast

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The EuroGear Pro ballast closes the gap between cheap low-quality ballasts and expensive high-end products. 

Among IP 54 and CE certifications the EuroGear Pro is equipped with thermal protection to eliminate potential danger of fire. Additionally, after production, every single ballast is being checked for full operability, so that a safe continuous operation is guaranteed. 
The EuroGear Pro is fully cabled.
• Compact electromagnetic ballast with thermal protection
• 100% EU 
• for HPS and HPI-type lamps
• IP 54 and CE certified
• Excellent cost-benefit ratio
• Splashproof enclosure
• 230V/ 50Hz
• Power cable length: 1.5 m
• Lamp cable length: 3.55 m 
Dimensions (h x w x d): 33 x 12 x 10cm