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EuroGear 600w ballast - NPK Technology Hydroponics

EuroGear 600w ballast

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The EuroGear Pro ballast closes the gap between cheap low-quality ballasts and expensive high-end products. 
Among IP 54 and CE certifications the EuroGear Pro is equipped with a thermal protection to eliminate potential danger of fire. Additionally after production every single ballast is being checked for full operability, so that a safe continous operation is guaranteed. 
The EuroGear Pro is fully cabled.
• Compact electromagnetic ballast with thermal protection
• 100% EU 
• for HPS and HPI-type lamps
• IP 54 and CE certified
• Excellent cost-benefit ratio
• Splashproof enclosure
• 230V/ 50Hz
• Power cable length: 1.5 m
• Lamp cable length: 3.55 m 
Dimensions (h x w x d): 33 x 12 x 10cm