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EuroLux 600 - NPK Technology Hydroponics

EuroLux 600

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The new Eurolux600 ballast

Our recent ballast research revealed that the market has seen an increase in 600W ballasts at cheap prices.  When these are tested, they are shown to supply far below 600W to the lamp. Until now, retailers have been caught between customers wanting low cost ballasts which tend to underperform and  falsely-advertise the actual power rating of the ballast.

The Eurolux600 ballast is the solution to this problem, with Genuine Power and a very low price!

  • Genuine Power 600W
  • Manufactured by Venture Lighting Europe
  • Matched digital Smart igniter
  • EC approved capacitors
  • EC approved ballast
  • Vented enclosure
  • Our lowest cost ballast and lamp kit
  • Low return rate of just 0.26%
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps