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root booster/ vegetative growth promoter

Azos is a beneficial microbe that can enhance growth by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a useable form available to plant roots. Nitrogen is critical for forming vegetative matter and supporting abundant growth. Azos promotes growth while boosting natural root development. Azos has been used to help break 7 World-Records for plant growth, including a 2,000 lb. pumpkin

2oz • 6oz • 12oz • 8lb

• Beneficial Microbes!

• Use for Rooting Cuttings & Transplants

• Promotes Growth

• Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers

Directions and Applications

Cuttings & Starts - Soak, Dip, & Stick 

  1. Add 1/4 cup per gal water. Soak plugs for 10 mins. Remove plugs. 
  2. In a small container, Mix 1 part Azos with 2 parts water. 
  3. Dip tips of new cuttings in the solution for 3 seconds and set in plugs.
  • Add 1 tbs per gal into clone machine
  • Dust root ball of starts with 1-2 tsp
 Azos when transplanting
  • For Best Results pH water to 6.0 (neutral), before using Azos to root new cuttings
  • Azos works best alone without synthetic rooting compounds

Established Plants - Drench - Add 1/2 cup per gal water. Mix well. Pour 2 cups solution at the base of each plant. 1 gal treats 8 plants.

Hydroponics & Irrigation - Reservoirs - Add 1 cup (16 tbs) per 50 gals water. Repeat weekly for best results.

Flowering & Fruiting Plants - Stop. No need to add more.

Note: Mineral salts have been shown to suppress beneficial microbes. Use unchlorinated water for best results.