Garden HighPro HUMIPRO

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Simple operation thanks to a LED panel that is clear to read, it’s easy to set the 24hr timer so the user can set different humidity levels for lights on, lights off and any timing in between; like if users want to pre-emptively turn off humidity before lights out.

Equipped with a twin nozzle with 360-degree rotation, the gardener can direct the flow of humidified air wherever it’s needed. We recommend placing it near to an intake fan to provide uniform distribution throughout your environment.

HumiPro, 4L ultrasound humidifier with In-built humidistat, automatic power control and remote control capability offers the user versatility and capabilities found on more expensive units offering amazing value for money at a great price.

With an in-built humidistat, the humipro maintains the perfect humidity in your garden. If you set the humidistat to 70% and this value is exceeded in the environment, the humidifier will reduce its output until the humidity is 70%. The reverse is true when the humidity drops below the user-set value, as the humidifier will ramp up its output until the value is reached. Other entry-level humidifiers do not have a humidistat, so an additional purchase is required to maintain a set humidity level.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 16 x 16 x 31.5cm

Capacity: 4 Litres

Autonomy: 24 hrs

Electrical: 210 – 220v 50 / 60 hz