Garland - Big 3 Automatic Temperature Control Electric Propagator

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Designed for the keen gardener looking to grow seeds in volume, this unit is also ideal for rooting cuttings. This is our largest electric propagator and is supplied with 3 large high dome propagators - each 37.5cm (15") Long 23cm (9") Wide. The propagator units are ideal for growing seeds in volume and particularly suited to rooting larger cuttings.

The size of the unit lends itself to use in a greenhouse or spare room tabletop. The heated base contains a 50 Watt carbon fiber element for even heat distribution and features an inbuilt fixed temperature thermostat designed to maintain a compost temperature of 19° Centigrade. The unit features 'Heat On' and 'Power On' neon light indicators

Size Check: 80.5cm (31.5") Long 41cm (16") Wide 20cm (8") High