Gavita - DigiStar - 400W / 600W

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The Gavita DigiStar ballasts have been developed to drive a wide range of HPS / MH lamps.They are manufactured using the highest quality components needed for the high output frequency. The result is a very cool digital ballast with optimal output specifications, absence of acoustic resonance and a very long life.

The DigiStars are adjustable over a wide output range, enabling you to dim or boost your Lamp. With 10% boost on the 400W and 600W models you are guaranteed to generate
the highest output available.

To ensure a long lamp life we have built in soft-dim. When you adjust your output it takes 60 seconds to gradually dim or boost per step. This process is so gradual that your eyes won't even see the difference.

Multiple output power enables you to use different lamps with a single ballast: The 400W model can be used for 250W and 400W lamps.

The internal microprocessor ensures the highest possible output in any circumstance.

Features & Benefits

  • Professional electronic ballast
  • High frequency electronics
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Soft dim (60 seconds per step)
  • Sealed housing
  • Driver efficiency at full power 95-96%
  • 4 meter lamp cord and connector 5 kV approved
  • CE approved


  • Input Voltage:230V
  • Input Current 1:1.87 A
  • Input Power 1:430 W
  • Power Factor:0.99
  • THD:<10%
  • Input Frequency:50-60 Hz
  • Electrical Insulation:IP54
  • Input Connection:IEC C14
  • Output Connection:IEC C13
  • Power switch:250/275/400/440 Watt
  • Operating Temp. (°C):0-40
  • Case Temp. (°C):75
  • Certification:CE
  • Article Number: (EU) | (UK) | (CH)
  • EAN code:8718403051001 (EU) | 8718403051063 (UK) | 8718403051124 (CH)