Growmax Water - Super Grow 800 - Water Filter

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Super Grow 800 - Water Filter

2 Stage Water Filter System. Perfect for indoor plants and small patio gardens

*Faster growing plants and gardens.
*Healthier fruits and vegetables.
*Strengthens plant roots.
*Protects soils, great for organics

REMOVES: Chlorine, Sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation Herbicides and Pesticides, Volatile organic Contaminants (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes, Toluene, Oils, THM’s, Detergents, PCB’s)

Super Grow - 800 L/h

For small gardens

2 stage filter system with optimum flow for garden use. Eliminates 99% of chlorine and reduces sediment down to 5 microns. immediately!

    • Flow: 800 litres/hour or  210 gpd        
    • Filter Capacity  28.500 litres or 4-6 months
    • Ready to install