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A smart choice for space-conscious growers, the HOMEbox 1.8 PAR+ takes up just one square meter. It is ideal for keeping a mother plant or for growing and flowering between one and nine plants. Compatible with many different types of growing system or, alternatively, pots can simply be placed directly on its water resistant floor. An external tank can be connected thanks to the cable inlets. The HOMEbox 1.8 fits discretely into the tightest spaces like a bedroom, office or spare room and can be shipped, unpacked and assembled with the utmost ease. The PAR+ super reflective lining means more plant-usable light and less heat is directed at your plants promoting larger yields and higher crop quality.

•High tech German design & engineering

•A building block for successful and safe growing

•Turns any space into a professional grow room

•Rugged materials ensures long life

•Quick, hassle-free assembly

•All parts are replaceable

•Heat-sealed, water resistant additional flooring

•Inlet and outlet tubes

•Ventilation windows

•Tough canvas outer shell

•Thick, reflective PE lining

•Metal structure, strong precision nylon push-lock corners

•Once closed, unit is entirely sealed and virtually light proof

•Durable high quality sewn-in zippers are a trademark of all Homebox products

The New Homebox offers a multitude of options for indoor gardening