Plant Repair and Pest Control

Bud Rot Stop

Product Description

Bud Rot Stop is a broad application leaf conditioner that conditions the leaf to ensure it is able to defend itself against fungal attack. Bud Rot Stop contains a strain of naturally occurring bacteria that grows for a short time (requires a minimum of 4 hours growth) on the leaf of the plant. During this growth - the bacteria produce secondary metabolites that work on one level by forming a physical barrier on the leaf surfaces to prevent attachment of the pathogens to plant cell tissues. On a second level - the lipopeptides form mixed micelles on plant surfaces that perforate the membranes of fungal cells and spores to prevent growth and suppressĀ the reproduction of the botrytis spores (Bud Rot). This prior inoculation with beneficial bacteria will encourage systemic-acquired resistance (SAR) within the plant to increase plant health. Itegrate Bud Rot Stop into an overall disease and pest management strategy whenever fungicide use is necessary. Produced using Soil Association approved ingredients. Dilute to apply with a trigger spray such as Guard'n'Aid PestOFF Pistol.


Bud Rot Stop - NPK Technology Hydroponics
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