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Product Description

Increased Returns Jiffy-7 offers growers quicker rooting due to the airpruningof roots which stimulates strong, fibrousroot development within the plug. This can result ina decrease in crop cycle times of up to 25% in additionto producing stronger, more compact plants.Unlike other discrete plugs, Jiffy-7 is supplied in adried compressed form allowing the grower to storeun-used plugs until the next crop cycle withoutwastage. Efficient storage on the nursery is also abenefit as the Jiffy-7 occupies less than onequarter of the space of other discrete plugs.The plugs are easily re-hydrated byhand or during the normal irrigation cycle. Convenience All Jiffy-7 sizes feature a pre-formedsoft centre for easy insertion of eventhe smallest cuttings. The fullyenclosed capillary net allows easymechanical or manual handling of the plugs withoutloss of substrate and extends the transplant window.All Jiffy-7 plugs contain a specially formulated fertiliserto provide the best start for your young plants. Shortterm crops need no further feeding before potting on.Polyroll offers unrivalled convenience by providingplugs pre-spaced on a perforated polythene or capillaryfleece underlay. Plugs are spaced to the growersrequirements and the length and width of the underlay can be made to fit individual benches ensuringmaximum use of bed space.All pellet-pack trays feature a picture label slot to allowsecure attachment of a label without damaging a plug. Extensive Range Plug sizes available from 18mm to 44mm diametereither loose in cartons or pre-loaded in a range ofgrowing trays. Tray options range from 25 cell stripsto 144 cell full size growing trays. Plugs can also bepre-spaced in the growing trays ensuring there is a Jiffy-7 solution to suit all crops and growing requirements. All trays feature the unique Jiffy air-prune design,which ensures the plug is held firmly within the cellwhilst still allowing free air movement around theplug, minimising root diseases and maximisingroot development.   Environment Jiffy-7 Pellets are manufacturedfrom sphagnum peat(and Coir fibres) harvested fromcarefully selected bogs which aresubject to stringent internal and governmentalcontrols to ensure minimalenvironmental impact. Peat is only taken fromsources where the re-generation rate is greater thanthe harvest rate and the local ecology will not beadversely affected. The addtion of 25% coir fibresmakes Jiffy-7 suitable for reduced peat production.


Jiffy-7 - NPK Technology Hydroponics
Jiffy-7 - NPK Technology Hydroponics
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