ProGear HPS 600w Lighting Kit

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  • Omega Dual Spectrum 600w HPS -  Budget bulb for the vegetative and bloom stage. A good economical bulb, but offers great results.


  • Eurowing Reflector E40 - Euro grow light reflector suitable for 250-600 watt MH & HPS lamps, all reflectors are supplied with a 3 metre flying IEC connector. With hammered dimpled anodised aluminium to maximise reflectivity and reduce hot spots. E40 fitting fits nearly all horticultural lamps. (Length 47cm width 43cm height 13cm.) 


  • ProGear C2-600-UK - These premium Pro Gear ballast stands out through its simple usage and a good price-performance ratio. The ballast is completely preassembled and splash proof in a white metallic case and thereby immediately usable (Plug and Play). The vents on the top of the ballast prevents overheating and they have rubber feet for safety. The Pro Gear Ballast is suitable for high pressure sodium (HPS/HID) lamps/bulbs as well as metal halide lamps/bulbs (MH).