LuciLu Adjustable Reflector

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LuciLu Adjustable Reflector Product Details:

Glassware coated lucilu reflector is designed to radiate the ideal color spectrum required for plant growth.

  • Resistance to heat. The material used can withstand temperatures up to 800 °C.
  • Simple Instalation
  • Up to 97% Reflection
  • PVD aluminum coating
  • Greater resistance to corrosion.
  • Increased hardness.
  • Wing reflector made under the license of Hygro International.
  • Organic production process.
  • Suitable with Hygro International super spreaders.

Material is a specially developed high reflectance material for use in horticultural applications, i.e. in lamp reflectors for greenhouses lighting.The recently developed material combines the growers' commercial demands with the natural demands of the plants to give an ideal solution or efficient growth. 

The coating parameters of the material layer system are redefined to provide a strong shift of maximum spectral reflectance to the orange and red zones most important for photosynthesis while maintaining high reflectance in the significant blue zone.


Material is composed of four layers (See the diagram below coating system).