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Mars II series LED Grow Light

With a new 5 watt-single chip, The Mars II Series is one of the most powerful LED lights in today’s market. The robust 5-watt chip provides deep penetration, lending a huge advantage over most other LED grow lights. The integrated ball bearing fans are quiet, yet powerful enough to keep high temperatures in check. All Mars II Series lights are full spectrum, and are suitable for use during vegetable and bloom. This series is the best choice for large grow rooms.

Mars II Series LED grow lights use Epistar 5w-single chips, manufactured Taiwan. All chips are the highest quality top grade A. These new 5-watt chips are brighter than any of our previous chips. This increase in wattage lets it run a little bit hotter but Not to worry as each light has a protected diode, which means if one LED goes out, the rest will continue working!

With the new Mars II series there are no worries about losing a whole panel because of one bad chip! So order with confidence!

LED is a relatively new addition to the grow light lineup, only being available in that application since about 2006. In that time we have worked hard to develop a light that not only provides the intensity needed by plants to grow, but also the correct spectrum. Spectrum is the reason LED grow lights are the future of indoor gardening. The chart below illustrates the superior spectrum output of the Mars II series, compared to an HPS bulb (in yellow). As you can see, the Mars II provides exceptional blue and red, which are the most important for photosynthesis, with some orange and green supplementation. This spectrum output is based on extensive testing of our own, as well as feedback from customers.

While LED lights provide a huge heat advantage over HPS lights, the LED chips do emit heat. Without proper dissipation of that heat the life of the LED can be severely shortened. The Mars II LED series utilizes over-sized, pure aluminum heat sinks, combined with two double ball bearing fans to remove the excess heat, and keep the diode temperature below 135 degrees.This highly effective cooling method will ensure your new LED grow light will keep working well in to the future, as well as limiting lumen depreciation.

All Mars II lights are daisy chain compatible. This function helps connect several lights together to save wiring and make it allot safer to use. Plug and play function just use the power cord we provide connect to another mars 2 series light and It works at full power .Caution: Total power through one power cord should not exceed 1000w.

The rate of photosynthesis and transpiration are directly affected by temperature, humidity and airflow. Even though plants grow in many extreme environments, they thrive when given the perfect

growing conditions. The perfect temperature and humidity for your plants are found between 75°-85°F and 50% - 70% humidity, with plenty of airflow to replenish CO2.

Recommended hanging distance

More features about Mars II series LED grow lights

  • All lights are full spectrum, and may be used for veg or flower, so just plug it in and grow.
  • We use standard parts across this series, so if a part works on one light, it works on all of them.
  • The isolated power supply is much safer than alternative power supplies, and higher quality.
  • LED wavelengths can be specified by the customer, we recommend using the 620-630nm and 640-660nm for red light, 450-460nm and 460-470nm for blue light.
  • The proportion of different lights can be specified by the customer. We recommend the ratio (red: blue) 8:1 or 7:2, or (red, blue, orange) 7:1:1, with mixed light to the plants.

Quick Overview:

Mars II (400W)

LED Output Power:80pcs*5watt

Draw Power:170W~200W

Dimension:340x340x90mm(13.4*13.4*3.5 in)


Coverage:3‘x3' Standard

flower spectrum:red, white and infared.


 Mars II (700W)

LED Output Power:140pcs*5watt

Draw Power:300W~380W

Dimension:380x380x90mm(15*15*3.5 in)


Coverage:3.5'x3.5' Standard

flower spectrum:red, white and infared.

vege spectrum:blue and white.


 Mars II (900W)

LED Output Power:180pcs*5watt

Draw Power:400W~450W

Dimension:420x420x90mm(16.5*16.5*3.5 in)


Coverage:4'x4' Standard

flower spectrum:red, white and infared.

vege spectrum:blue and white.


 Mars II (1200)

LED Output Power:240pcs*5watt

Draw Power:520W~600W

Dimension:460x460x90mm(18.1*18.1*3.5 in)


Coverage:4.6'x4.6' Standard

flower spectrum:red, white and infared.

vege spectrum:blue and white.


 Mars II (1600)

LED Output Power:324pcs*5watt

Draw Power:110V/780W, 240V/736W

Dimension:520x520x90mm(20.5*20.5*3.5 in)


Coverage:5'x5' feet

vege spectrum:blue and white.