Maxibright Daylight 300W LED

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The Maxibright Daylight 300w LED is a full spectrum output LED with a passive heat dissipation design. The “fanless” design means there are no mechanical parts, vastly reducing the risk of failure. This energy saving unit has a high photoelectric conversion efficiency which means that you save energy. The high photoelectric conversion efficiency means that you get more light per watt and less waste heat.

Benefiting from a well-rounded full-spectrum and highly efficient LUMLED chips, the DAYLIGHT 300W LED makes for one of the most practical and affordable choices you can make when purchasing LED grow lights. Ensuring a full spectrum whilst maintaining an enhanced red region of the PAR curve gives a consistently high level of quality AND yield, every time you harvest.

  • Full-spectrum output 300W LED luminaire, with far-red components.

  • Optimized spectral output to provide the best light for plant growth, including Far Red.

  • Light distribution optimized for a 1m x 1m area.

  • Passive heat dissipation design (No need for internal cooling fans).

  • Dimmable – 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100% power.

  • Total Output: 690 μmol/s
    Overall fixture efficiency: 2.3 μmol/J