Maxibright Digilight Pro Max 1000W 400V

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MaxiBright DigiLight Pro Max - 1000w 400v Ballast

The DigiLight Pro Max digital ballast is one of the finest 1000W 400V ballasts the market has to offer.

Designed and manufactured using the latest in digital ballast technology the MaxiBright DigiLight Pro MaxPro Max provides a 10% higher PAR output per watt for increased yields, when compared to 230v ballasts.

It powers a variety of 1000W 400V lamps manufactured by well-known brands such as Philips, Sylvania and Osram ensuring that optimum performance and greater flexibility is achieved from both ballast and lamp.

The DigiLight Pro Max also offers flexible power modes, these power modes provide greater flexibility and efficiency during the growing cycle. Allowing growers to add or reduce light as plants need or to control temperatures.

MaxiBright DigiLight Pro Max Features include:

• 400V Technology Max PAR Output

• Surge Control® – Developed with new Surge Control® software, when multiple Digilight Pro® Max power packs are started from the same power supply they will safely ignite your lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges

• Soft start technology for longer lamp life and continual effective output

• Dynamic frequency control for constant regulated output

• Fast lamp re-strike ensures hot lamps start as quickly as possible

• Diagnostic LED feature

• Silent and lightweight

• Pro Max 1000W is used with double ended 1000W, 400V lamps