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The new DigiLight Pro® Select digital ballast from Maxibright gives you the ultimate flexibility with just one ballast. Choose from 6 power modes to run your lamps at normal power, Super mode for 10% extra power on every lamp wattage (the only ballast on the market that can do this) or dimmed for ultimate light control throughout the growth cycle. Developed with new Surge Control ® software, when multiple DigiLight Pro® Select ballasts are started from the same power supply they will safely ignite multiple lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges. Soft start technology gently starts lamps with a low current for significantly improved lamp life and to maintain continual efficient lamp output. Fast lamp re-strike ensures hot lamps start as quickly as possible. Includes a built-in diagnostic LED for fault finding. 

Instead of using a copper coil or magnetic resistance to ignite the lamps, digital ballasts use microprocessors that avoid the 6.2A ‘spike’ of ignition in compact ballasts. The ‘soft start’ of the Maxibright Digilight ballast ignites at 2.9A, which should increase lamp lifespan.

Despite rumours – and hopes – to the contrary, digital ballasts will still use a similar amount of electricity as compact ballasts once running (digitals are slightly more efficient) and using digital ballasts will not increase your yield unless they draw more power and therefore cost more to run.

However, they will run significantly cooler than compacts and therefore any decision to buy digital ballasts should be about improving the quality of your equipment rather than your plants. 

The Maxibright Digilight ballast is available in 250W, 400W and 600W and features:

Soft start technology
Silent operation
RF shielded
Flying lead IEC connection
Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
Light weight (3.5kg)
Rubber mounting feet
Proven reliability

The Maxibright Digilight ballast has undergone several years of research and development to ensure reliability, prolonged equipment lifespan and provide cool and quiet running
To back up this claim all ballasts come with a two year guarantee.