Nano Nutrients Finisher+

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For some, the final phase of a plants flowering cycle is the most critical part of their plant’s lifecycle. The last week, often called ‘flush’, is when your plant uses the last of its energy to pack on the final weight and push colours, aromas and oil production.

nano.10⁻⁹ finisher⁺ incorporates a final P/K and element ratio, which replicates a diminished soil, indicating your plant to finish and push its final energy into oil and colour production. The nanoparticles in finisher⁺ provide a clean and easy to use nutrient, which allows the plant to metabolise (use up) any leftover nutrients which ‘flushes’ the plant.

However, technically we do not flush a plant of nutrients; we allow them to metabolise what they have already up-taken. The reduced amount of mineral salts during this phase produces the best quality outcome for your plants.

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