Nano Nutrients Hydro Base

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hydro⁺ A+B provide your plants with all the elements needed to complete a successful growth and flowering cycle. Engineered with our nano.10⁻⁹ patented nanoparticles, we have developed a hydroponic base nutrient that allows your plants to reach their true potential. Using nanoparticles allows the elements to move into the plant unhindered and without interacting with each other. This ensures deficiencies are reduced and lockouts rarely occur.

As a ‘large' antagonistic element, calcium can cause problems for growers when misused. The calcium nanoparticles in hydro⁺ A+B are delivered differently, to generate strong plant growth which builds better defences against pest and disease while allowing the smaller, less competitive elements free access to the plant for easy uptake by your plant. This creates a smooth flow of nutrients into the plant with less competition and ultimately, healthier plants. Additionally, the amino chelation of all our nanoparticles gives your plants easy access to these elements, while also benefiting the plant with a source of the amino acid Lysine. 

Growing hydroponically, where your plant's roots come into constant contact with the nutrient solution, you need a stable and consistent base feed. Our nanoparticles ensure that pH drifts are reduced and stabilised so your plants can uptake all the elements needed, exactly when the plant requires them. The pH stability in a hydroponic system is of the utmost importance and will lead to your plants achieving their peak potential, every time.

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