NANO Silica (SiO2)

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NANO Silica (SiO2) allows the plant to build superior defences, meaning pests, moulds and microorganisms find it much harder to infect a plant. It will also allow the plants to develop mechanisms for coping with extreme heat and cold by building solid foundations and structures, meaning the plant can support bigger fruits for increased yields.

NANO is a new method of delivering fertiliser to your plants. The NANO particles are so small they are up-taken by the plants with very little energy required from the plant itself. This means they have more energy for root growth, faster growth rates, stronger stems, thicker leaves, increased flowering sites and ultimately bigger yields.


NANo Silica (SiO2) is silicon dioxide with a particle size of 15-20 nanometers (A human hair is 100,000 nanometers wide). NANO Silica is revolutionary in its design with the size of the particles, the amino acid coating and the fact that they suspend the particles in solution rather than dissolve into a solution. All of this means that it has no effect on water pH and because it is suspended in solution, it means the actual concentration of silica available to the plant is far superior to all other silica products (20ppm of NANO SiO2). The NANO difference is that they can prove it and they challenge other companies to independently prove otherwise…

In a nutshell, using silica on your plants is similar to using cement to build a house, how big could you build your house without cement?

NANO lets the product do the talking and the science do the marketing...

Think big, Think NANO!